Scribe's editorial, production, and conversion services result in books that are well conceived, expertly edited, and masterfully produced. Our talented and educated staff see to it that your content is ready to publish in any format, now and in the future.

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Well-Formed Document Workflow

Scribe’s Well-Formed Document Workflow (WFDW) is the industry’s best XML workflow, empowering subscribers with the ideal tools, practices, and processes to produce both print and electronic publications. A WFDW subscription includes full training and implementation according to the needs of your organization.

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    Index E-Book Linking

    Scribe’s WFDW automatically links your print book index within your e-book (and our source XML file so that you can use the linking in other arenas). Using Scribe, you can take your index from any stage to any stage—including instantly linking indexes from Word or InDesign within electronic publications. Scribe enables your indexes to function in print and electronic formats without additional work or cost.

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    Print Articulation

    Print layout requires that relationships be developed between elements—otherwise known as print articulation. Whether it be nonindented paragraphs, lists, block quotes, or other elements, Scribe’s WFDW automatically adds the information necessary for you to articulate your book for print. Using the WFDW, you first delimit the major elements (anything that is not a standard paragraph) and then upload your file to our Digital Hub, which will then automatically prepare your publication for print. And it performs the same function for marking up electronic publications. With print articulation, you no longer need to manage each element for publication—thus saving time while gaining consistency.

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    Custom Design

    No other workflow can accommodate complex publications or allows you the amount of flexibility in your publications as Scribe’s WFDW. You can automatically move your publication from one format to the next but still create custom-designed publications. The WFDW works with consistent style choices while still allowing custom appearances. And with a multitude of settings that manage the treatment and placement of elements, you gain control over every feature of your publication.

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    Digital Accessibility

    Accessibility can be interpreted in several ways. It can mean making publications available to those with visual or print impairments or creating books that are more easily found, comprehended, and navigated. It can mean developing a book to be easy to use on any platform whether for current or future use. No matter how you define accessibility, Scribe’s process results in publications that meet the standards for accessibility.

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    Roundtripping Content

    With Scribe’s WFDW you have one track of work with multiple outputs. The WFDW enables you to work in a single stream (whether Word, InDesign, or a text file) and then move that content to the next format without ever losing an alteration or entering it twice. Technical and semantic elements, including important structural information and embedded indexes, are also maintained throughout our process. Once you are finished with a project, you can output it to Word again so that you can create the next edition or use—roundtripping!


The production of Bibles for print and digital distribution represents some of the most complex, demanding, and important work in publishing. Scribe's long history of collaboration with many prominent religious organizations, churches, and publishers puts us in a unique position. We develop, manage, and maintain repositories and databases for eight well-known Bible versions. In addition to numerous English and Spanish Bibles, Scribe produces original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek versions.

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For Scribe, accessibility and the ideal of equality of access for readers with disabilities that impair access to published content is never an afterthought. Our workflow (WFDW) itself is built from the bottom up to output content that reaches the highest standards of accessibility and conformance with assistive technologies. For clients whose frontlist or backlist materials do not yet meet current standards (NIMAS, accessible ePub 3, etc.), Scribe offers services to augment your content for long-term viability across platforms.

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“I feel like we are on the forefront of publishing thanks to Scribe.”
Nancy Rediger, Director / Editor-in-Chief, Truman State University Press