Mission-Driven Publishing

Publishing for Organizations, Associations, Libraries, and Institutions

When you publish, are your goals to spread ideas, engage your community, and serve a larger purpose than merely generating revenue? If so, then you are a mission-driven publisher. Whether you are an association, a library, an educational institution, or even an issue-based trade publisher, if your organization is focused on a set of principles, then you are mission driven.

Mission-driven publishers create works that are tailored to their audience. They engage readers in a larger dialogue. This means editing and producing books in a distinctive manner. It means creating a consistent (but developing) set of publications. It means crafting books that are universally accessible and can be readily delivered to readers regardless of how or where they read. Your materials should reach and expand your audience, be available in print and electronic technologies, and position your organization for success.

Everything we do at Scribe is focused on mission-driven publishing. We believe publishing to be the act of curating books to an audience with whom you are connected. And while you must be fiscally responsible, the full life of your publications and how they help build a community should be of primary concern. Thus our editorial, design, typesetting, production, and distribution services are geared to help you speak to (and expand) your audience, achieve a high level of success, and be positioned for a long and prosperous future.

Whether you engage Scribe for a single service or rely on us to provide your entire publishing infrastructure, our mission is to develop publications that will further your publishing enterprise.

With Scribe, it’s missions accomplished!