Bibles at Scribe

Scribe Bible Services

Scribe is the leading manager and producer of Bibles. Scribe’s coordinated approach to Bibles results faithful error-free Bibles in print and electronic formats, including preparation for proprietary software platforms. We also lead the industry in producing accessible Bibles (print and electronic). Our services include the following:

  • Bible Database Development, Management, and Maintenance
  • Bible Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Bible Reference Checking
  • Design and Typesetting
  • Typesetting Quality Control
  • Bible Text Integrity Checks (Proofing)
  • E-book and Digital Product Development

Bible Repositories Managed by Scribe

For Bible translation copyright holders, Scribe helps to develop, manage, and maintain Bible repositories. We also help manage updates for, disseminate, and produce Bibles in ways that afford our clients the greatest reach. We manage the following translations:

We also hold faithful database repositories for public domain Bibles:

  • King James Version 1611 Edition (KJV)
  • King James Version 1979 Edition (KJV)
  • Louis Segond (LSG)
  • Reina-Valera Antigua (RVA)

Major Translations and Languages

We produce both print and electronic Bibles from the following translations:

  • Amplified Bible (AMP)
  • Biblia de América (BDA)
  • Cherokee New Testament (CHR)
  • Dakota New Testament
  • Dios Habla Hoy (DHH)
  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • Geneva Bible (GNV)
  • Hungarian Revised New Translation
  • International Children’s Bible (ICB)
  • La Biblia de las Américas (LBLA)
  • Legacy Standard Bible (LSB)
  • Navajo New Testament
  • New American Standard Bible 1995 Edition (NASB)
  • New American Standard Bible 2020 Edition (NASB)
  • New Catholic Bible (NCB)
  • New Century Version (NCV)
  • New English Translation (NET)
  • New International Reader’s Version (NIrV)
  • New International Version (NIV)
  • New Living Translation (NLT)
  • Nueva Biblia de las Américas (NBLA)
  • Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV)
  • Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI)
  • Reina-Valera Contemporánea (RVC)
  • Today’s New International Version (TNIV)
  • Traducción en Lenguaje Actual (TLA)
  • United Bible Society Greek New Testament (GNT)