Scribe's Well-Formed Document Workflow

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Transform Your Content and Your Business

Scribe’s Well-Formed Document Workflow is the world’s most intuitive, customizable, affordable, and robust XML publishing platform. The WFDW allows you to efficiently produce books in print and electronic formats while enabling you to take advantage of all the opportunities available in the twenty-first century.

Reengineer Your Workflow without Retooling

Scribe’s WFDW works with common software, like Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, to allow you to publish in familiar ways but completely update your publishing program. Automatically develop print books, e-books, HTML, and robust XML using familiar programs. With the WFDW, you can meet the demands of modern publishing and develop a nimble publishing strategy without a heavy investment in retooling. Adaptable to the needs of individuals and organizations, the WFDW can be employed using in-house staff, freelancers, and vendors alike.

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Control your content, achieve XML, master the craft of publishing, and prepare for the future.

Scribe’s WFDW is a robust XML workflow that employs the best practices of publishing. It helps you achieve the highest levels of editorial and design while producing content that will be functional for years to come, all the while maintaining control over your content, processes, and business. Scribe’s WFDW allows you to create fully customizable publications of any complexity—so you can maintain the unique aesthetics of your imprint, a series, or an individual title.

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