ScML2PDF produces printer-ready PDF files through our Digital Hub in minutes. The resultant books are typeset to industry standards and eliminate the need for time-consuming desktop publishing. ScML2PDF will modernize book typesetting while transforming the process of publishing.

How It Works

The process works the same as it does to create other WFDW outputs: A user uploads a file by dragging and dropping it to the Digital Hub. When prompted, the Digital Hub will produce an ScML (Scribe Markup Language) file. The user must then upload the preferred fonts, a design template, and any images the book may contain. With all of those elements and with the ScML file as its source, the Digital Hub can then instantly produce a print-ready PDF.

Save Time and Money

ScML2PDF produces books of superior typographic quality and cuts production time significantly, allowing subscribers to get their titles to print faster and at a lower cost.

ScML2PDF Features

  • Creates books from an established template or a custom design, with support for conversion from InDesign to PDF
  • Creates advanced reader copies, or review copies, at any point after scribing (application of Scribe styles)
  • Allows for graphics, multiple languages, tables of limited size, references, and all other standard book features
  • Handles footnotes and endnotes properly
  • Allows for indexes

ScML2PDF Limitations

  • Restricted table sizes
  • Restricted image sizing
  • Constrained right-to-left languages
  • Limited stack control
  • Separate processes for PDF/e-book production (i.e., different pagination)

ScML2PDF Release Steps

  • Stage 1: ScML2PDF as a service. Clients and current subscribers will be able to utilize Scribe to perform the ScML2PDF process on their books. Even with Scribe’s involvement, the new tool will dramatically reduce the time and cost involved in getting books to print.
  • Stage 2: Limited release. The ScML2PDF process will be rolled out to existing WFDW subscribers. This will enable subscribers to utilize the Digital Hub to produce printer-ready PDFs independently. There may be some aspects of the process, such as template development, that will require Scribe assistance.
  • Stage 3: Full subscriber release. In this stage, all subscribers (including new and current) will have access to the ScML2PDF tool. Scribe will still be available for troubleshooting and assistance, but all subscribers will have the means to utilize ScML2PDF independently.

Throughout the rollout, Scribe will provide detailed information on the releases and will publish a series of newsletters explaining important aspects of this new publishing chain. At every stage, Scribe will update the technical aspects of our process, responding to client requests and feedback and working to eliminate any limitations to the ScML2PDF output. We will provide more information on the process and the underlying philosophy in the weeks and months ahead.

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