David Rech, President. David began Scribe after being the Director of External Services for the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to possessing extensive knowledge in publishing technologies, David is educated in classical history and languages and is fully versed in the use of computers for research within the humanities. David’s area of expertise is the development of text-based research tools and the implementation of the Well-Formed Document Workflow within traditional publishing. Under David’s direction, thousands of multipurpose publications have been created for delivery in traditional print, CD-ROM, e-book, or Web-based products.

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Jennifer Boeree, Editorial Manager. Jennifer Boeree came to Scribe in 2001 and has experience in each facet of Scribe: text conversion, design and typesetting, project management, and editorial work. Jennifer has an M.A. in American literature and rhetoric from the University of Maryland, where she also taught several levels of introductory writing courses as a lecturer. She currently directs editorial training at Scribe and oversees quality control.

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John Howkins, Director of Electronic Book Development. John Howkins has been directing the development of electronic books at Scribe since 2001, with a particular emphasis on accessibility standards and emerging technologies. He has overseen the production of time-tested e-books for multiple platforms that are of the highest quality, accuracy, and navigability. He is also an expert in XML schema and is an integral part of training and employee development at Scribe. John holds a B.S. from Temple University and a Certificate in Internet Technology. In his personal life, John is a musician, husband, and father of two children.

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Brandon Smith, Director of Publisher Services. Brandon Smith has worked in multipurpose publishing since 2002. He is an expert in typography, book and journal production, and WFDW training. In addition to directing training and creating online documentation, he is instrumental in the ongoing development of WFDW procedures. Brandon graduated from Bard College and has published three books, including the children's book, Cheer Up, Grandpa!, and the novel, Vendien: Conversion, created through the WFDW and available as both a print-on-demand book and an e-book.

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Steven S. Ushioda, Publishing Services Specialist. Steve started with electronic publishing in the early 1990s, programming a CD-ROM multimedia textbook at the University of Pennsylvania. He became business manager of The Philadelphia Independent newspaper in 2002, also working as an editor and tutor for ESL scholars from Asia. At Scribe, Steve primarily engages with non-traditional, niche, and independent authors and publisher clients. He assists the company’s marketing and publicity efforts, including the Scribe Newsletter. Steve's academic background is in the history of technology and the social sciences, with a B.A. from Penn in Political Science.

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