Conversion Updates (1.1.2)

By Scribe Inc.


Conversion Changes

  • IDTT tables use most common cell style in a row for the blank cells in that row (issue #122)
  • Additional XML whitespace cleanup performed in sam and ScML output
  • The "Articulate Spacing Distinctions" setting will ignore table, figure, and media styles when making spacing decisions about elements because those most often do not belong in the main text flow
  • Landmarks navigation in ePub 3 lists the title page type as "bodymatter", allowing conformant e-readers to open there as the first page (issue #141)
  • Better error handling for nonconformant structured ScML and flat sam (issue #140)
  • Reports and adjusts MS Word tables nested within a cell of another table (issue #131)

New Setting

  • Compose Diacritics and Fractions: If this setting is enabled, the Digital Hub will apply a dcrit character style to characters belonging to the Latin Extended-A Unicode block and will apply a frac character style to single-glyph fractions.

Checker Changes

  • Reports blank paragraphs in sam and ScML
  • Reports nested tables in MS Word files