March 6, 2017 Digital Hub Update

By Scribe Inc.


Digital Hub Updates

Short Descriptions for Images

The project page to allows users to add a short description as a field near the image name. This text will be applied to the image element in subsequent HTML/ePub conversions as alt text. This is useful and encouraged for accessibility in digital publications.

  • Alt text added in the Hub is limited to 150 characters and cannot contain HTML/XML control characters (<>, &, ”, ’).
  • This alt text will only be applied to image elements in HTML output (pure HTML or ePub). If there is existing alt text for an image element in ScML, that existing alt text is left in place in the HTML. Otherwise, the alt text entered in the Hub is applied. If there is no alt text provided, an empty alt attribute is applied. This is required for validation in ePub3.