New Conversion Features

By Scribe Inc.


New Settings

  • Convert Notes: removes footnotes and endnotes embedded in a Word document and will place them at the end of the resulting file.
  • Compose Language Styles: identifies and adds specialized character styles words containing characters outside the basic ASCII range.
  • Articulate Spacing Distinctions: applies the compositional distinctions necessary to achieve proper spacing in a typeset book or e-book.

Conversion Changes:

  • Hyperlinks: Hyperlink information is now retained in file transformations.
  • Table Default Width: Tables in InDesign Tagged Text will now be assigned a default width of four inches.
  • Page Locators: Elements that were anchored into the main text flow while exporting XML from InDesign (sidebars, figures, etc.) are now given a locator indicating that page they appeared on in the print version.
  • Checker: Checker provides QA notes and file statistics for user-uploaded .sam, .scml, and .docx files.