August 27, 2020 Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

By Scribe Inc.


The latest update for the Scribe Tools for InDesign includes new features and options. The update also includes a number of fixes and improvements meant to address edge cases and prevent unexpected warnings and errors.

Review tocnum

Cross-reference numbers composed as tocnum on the TOC page against the pages to confirm whether the expected chapter-opening paragraph style is present. The tool does not check that the TOC text matches the chapter header, merely that the page number indicated by the TOC contains a chapter head. When run as part of the Report All Style Issues group, it will cross-reference chapter headers, including part headers and unit headers. When running the tool individually, additional options are available to cross-reference the following:

  • tocill lines against table or figure head styles (th, figcap, figh)
  • subheads (ah, bh, ch, etc.) against tocnum in toc sublevels (toc1, toc2, toc3, etc.)
  • chapter toc lines (ctoc) against subheads (ah)

Custom Export Options

New options have been added under the Export options to select or exclude specific extraction steps to run. This includes Export XML Custom and Export IDTT Custom. In general, the full extraction options for running all operations should be used. However, this selector can be useful in certain projects that previously required running custom processes between specific extraction steps, when troubleshooting problems, or if previous runs of the export tools have shown a warning that needs to be resolved before running the final few steps, such as style mapping errors.

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

Minor improvements have been made to the following tools to fix bugs and address edge cases.

  • Add Bookmarks: fixed bug causing the program to hang
  • Link Endnotes for Web PDF: fixed bug occurring when endnotes appear at the end of a table cell
  • Insert Page Indicators: fixed minor bug involving pages that start with graphics cells; additional missed page numbers may be reported
  • Apply Breaking Rules: fixed GREP issues within the ellipsis option
  • Remove Typesetter Styles: updated to remove character styles from various breaks, including column breaks
  • Anchor Items: updated progress bar to show the page where item anchoring is taking place