New Year Announcement

By Scribe Inc.

El historial de actualización y los artículos anteriores a septiembre del 2018 solamente están disponibles en inglés. También, en este momento, nuestras herramientas solamente están disponibles en inglés.



Quarterly Update Schedule

Starting in 2015, Scribe will adhere to a quarterly update schedule. Updates to the Digital Hub, the SAI, and Scribe Tools for InDesign will be released and announced in this regular manner, with the exception of bug fixes, which will occur as needed. We will follow up these announcements with WebEx demonstrations to which all are invited to attend, and an archive of the announcements will be maintained on

It is our intention to make our updates a ritualized and predictable process that can be incorporated into everyone’s plans and expectations.

MS Word Refiner

Unlike the other file processes in the Digital Hub, the Microsoft Word Refiner modifies a Word .docx file and outputs a file of the same type.

The purpose of the Refiner is to take a crudely composed Word document (a file with minimal use of ScML styles) and refine it into a more properly well-formed document, increasing accuracy and reducing the amount of effort needed to prepare the file. The Refiner does many composition tasks but does not perform any editorial functions.

The Refiner performs the following actions:

  • Mimics the SAI’s rendering cleanup. Local rendering becomes the ScML equivalent (e.g., italics are given the i style). Local rendering is removed once the ScML name is applied.
  • “Footnote Reference” and “Endnote Reference” become fnref and enref in body matter and fnnum and ennum in the notes paragraphs.
  • “Hyperlink” becomes url.
  • List items become numbered and unnumbered styles with literal list leaders. The Refiner does not differentiate between unnumbered lists that do or do not use bullets.
  • “Footnote Text” and “Endnote Text” become fn and en paragraph styles.
  • Uncomposed paragraphs become p.
  • Empty paragraphs are deleted.

Optional setttings: * Convert Notes will remove footnotes and endnotes embedded in a Word document and will place them at the end of the resulting file. Additional options can be enabled to place footnotes or endnotes at section breaks instead of at the end of the document. * Articulate Spacing Distinctions for MS Word will apply the compositional distinctions necessary to achieve proper spacing in a typeset book or an e-book.

New Digital Hub Settings

The following settings have been added:

  • Nest Navigation Document TOC Entries (e-book)
  • Adjust Typesetter Tabs (e-book)
  • Print-Specific Head Styles for Front- and Backmatter (typesetting)
  • Remove Structure Indicators (into Word)
  • Remove Page Indicators (into Word)
  • Unnest Note Heads (from Word)

For details on each setting, go to the Conversion Settings documentation page on

The following change has been implemented for HTML output for ePub:

In the HTML output for ePub, the Digital Hub will use HTML tag names for ScML elements. Everything above ah will map to H1; ah will map to H2, bh to H3, and so on through the rest of the body-text heads. This does not include non-standard heads like sh. This improves conformance to accessibility guidelines, and Scribe's default.css has been updated accordingly.

SAI and SAI Lite

The Scribe Add-In for Word has been updated with the following:

  • In order to improve speed and accuracy, Cleanup’s Rendering option no longer cycles through non-ScML character styles to convert them to ScML based on their rendering. Instead, there is an option to load the Associate Styles dialog after Cleanup is complete. Here, the user can choose to map character styles meaningfully to ScML.
  • Cleanup's Rendering option now applies url-b, url-bi, and url-i based on local rendering.
  • New editing options: Mark missing paragraph-ending punctuation and Mark potentially hidden text.
  • Cleanup can now add or remove b, bi, and i styles from punctuation at the end of a composed word or phrase.
  • PC Only: Convert Notes now warns about graphics that, when they appear in the notes, cause errors on conversion.
  • Some adjustments and enhancements have been made to Populate Stylesheet. It will now list email addresses and Twitter handles, remove possessives from names, and better handle capitalized text that is part of a url.
  • Added Merge Paragraphs feature to context menu.
  • Added Name and Title variations on Add to Stylesheet to context menu.
  • Final QA now removes ennum and fnnum styles from all whitespace.*
  • Map Styles now has options to filter the document styles upon which it will act and to associate all unassociated paragraph styles with p.*
  • Map Styles now has extended b and i rendering options for character and paragraph styles.
  • Updated user interface for Map Styles, to enhance presentation.*

*Asterisks indicate updated features in the SAI Lite.

Scribe Tools for InDesign

Scribe Tools for InDesign have been updated to include expanded features and bug fixes. Full documentation is located here.

New Features:

  • Strip Footnotes is now called Convert Footnotes.
  • Add HREFs to URLs is now called Add Linking Attributes.
  • Export to IDTT exports InDesign Tagged Text files for all stories to an “eidtt” folder. This is useful for extracting content from InDesign files that had not been typeset using ScML styles.
  • Tabify Endnotes feature is now available. It re-tabs endnote styles to accommodate endnote numbers that may be longer than expected.
  • Unbase Styles removes any style dependencies.
  • List Unmappable Styles reviews a file for any styles that won’t map or resolve to .sam when running the Export XML tools.
  • Apply Breaking Rules combines a number of GREP searches to allow for easy application of common breaking rules.
  • Center All on Longest Line, Tabify Selected Dialogue, and Tabify All Dialogues override indent and tab settings on text to achieve a particular appearance.
  • The sam.dtd location can now be saved and reset as needed.
  • A GREP query has been added for combining diacritical marks.

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes:

  • Add Endnote Page Ranges now properly handles numbered Introductions and Conclusions.
  • Anchor Items removes nonprinting layers in addition to nonprinting objects.
  • Generate Hyperlinks now has added support for bold, italic, and bold-italic variations of the url style.
  • URL Rebreak now asks whether it should apply the url style. It also respects (but does not apply) url-b, url-bi, and url-i.
  • The URL GREP is now only applied to uncomposed text, thus preventing unwanted style distinction overrides.

ScML 2015 Update

The 2015 ScML Tag List update includes:

  • Added: A series of note style primarily to accommodate the needs of Bibles, expansion of style variations for internal consistency.
  • Added: The expansion of style variations to accommodate typesetting spacing needs and internal consistency.
  • Added: Character styles to facilitate linking within e-books or rendering needs in any format.
  • Removed: Some foreign language character styles, as they are handled automatically by the Digital Hub through the Compose Language Styles setting.

Paragraph Style Additions

Tag Definition
ntnls Note Numbered List Stand-Alone
ntuls Note Unnumbered List Stand-Alone
ntsls Note Senseline Stand-Alone
ntnl1 Note Numbered List Level 1
ntnl1f Note Numbered List Level 1 First
ntnl1s Note Numbered List Level 1 Stand-Alone
ntnl1l Note Numbered List Level 1 Last
ntul1 Note Unnumbered List Level 1
ntul1f Note Unnumbered List Level 1 First
ntul1s Note Unnumbered List Level 1 Stand-Alone
ntul1l Note Unnumbered List Level 1 Last
ntsl1 Note Senseline Level 1
ntsl1f Note Senseline Level 1 First
ntsl1s Note Senseline Level 1 Stand-Alone
ntsl1l Note Senseline Level 1 Last
rff Reference First
ltsigs Letter Signature Stand-Alone
staft Story after Head
sto Story Only
comp Commentary New Paragraph
sbbl Sidebar Bulleted List Item
sbblf Sidebar Bulleted List Item First
sbbll Sidebar Bulleted List Item Last
sbbls Sidebar Bulleted List Item Stand-Alone
sbbl1 Sidebar Bulleted List Item Level 1
sbbl1f Sidebar Bulleted List Item Level 1 First
sbbl1l Sidebar Bulleted List Item Level 1 Last
sbbl1s Sidebar Bulleted List Item Level 1 Stand-Alone
hdn Headnote

Character Style Additions

Tag Definition
exhn Exercise Head Number
sbhn Sidebar Head Number
bxhn Box Head Number
hn Head Number
strk-i Strikethrough Italic
strk-b Strikethrough Bold
strk-bi Strikethrough Bold Italic
bu Bold Underline
hl Highlight
hl-i Highlight Italic
hl-b Highlight Bold
hl-bi Highlight Bold Italic
hl-u Highlight Bold Underline
hl-iu Highlight Bold Italic Underline
red-strk Red Strikethrough
red-strk-i Red Strikethrough Italic
red-strk-b Red Strikethrough Bold
red-strk-bi Red Strikethrough Bold Italic
red-strk-u Red Strikethrough Underline
red-strk-iu Red Strikethrough Italic Underline
red-hl Red Highlight
red-hl-i Red Highlight Italic
red-hl-b Red Highlight Bold
red-hl-bi Red Highlight Bold Italic
red-hl-u Red Highlight Underline
red-hl-iu Red Highlight Italic Underline
red-bi Red Bold Italic
red-u Red Underline
red-iu Red Italic Underline
url-i URL Italic
url-b URL Bold
url-bi URL Bold Italic
ver-b Verse Bold
tetr-bi Tetragrammaton Bold Italic

Character Styles Deletions

The following styles, along with their italic, bold, and bold italic variations, have been removed. Note that language style distinctions can still be made through the use of the Digital Hub’s “Compose Language Styles” setting (

Tag Definition
l-chi Chinese
l-fre French
l-ger German
l-ita Italian
l-jpn Japanese
l-kor Korean
l-lat Latin
l-rus Russian
l-spa Spanish