September 2, 2020 Digital Hub Update

By Scribe Inc.


The latest Digital Hub update includes new conversion options and improvements to the accessibility and file-checking capabilities.

New Features

  • Word documents with tracked changes uploaded to the Digital Hub will generate a warning.
  • A new Reletter Footnotes by Chapter conversion option will iterate note numbers and references on a per chapter basis starting with the letter A.

Routine ePub Checking and Accessibility Improvements

  • The version of epubcheck, the industry-standard ePub validator used by the Digital Hub, has been updated to the latest version (version 4.2.4).
  • Conversions to ePub will add the readingOrder accessibility feature to the OPF for all titles where other accessibility metadata has been included.
  • The update improves the accessibility compliance of bibliography roles applied to paragraph, structure, and chapter divisions in ePub 3.

Additional Feature Improvements

  • The update improves index cross-reference linking.
  • The Digital Hub now backlinks chapter titles even when they contain footnote or endnote references.