December 17, 2020 Scribe Tools Update

By Scribe Inc.


The latest update for the Scribe Tools for InDesign includes several new tools for identifying potential typesetting quality issues, modifying InDesign settings, and working with blind endnotes. More information about these tools and their various configuration options can be found on our Scribe Tools documentation page.

Highlight Stacks

Highlight potential word and character stacks with a review-stacks condition. The tool identifies potential word and character stacks between lines. There are several configuration options, including how many characters/words in a row would constitute a stack, to mark potential stacks according to your project’s requirements.

Highlight Widows

Highlight potential line widows with a review-widows condition. The tool identifies paragraph junctures where the last line of one paragraph doesn’t clear the first-line indent of the next paragraph. Configuration options are provided to adjust the threshold where a line will be considered a widow according to your project’s requirements.

Review Based-On Settings

Report the “based-on” hierarchy of paragraph, character, and object styles in a tabbed format. Use this report to check which styles are based on other styles throughout InDesign’s style sheets. For best viewing, copy the results into a text editor or spreadsheet.

Modify Styles in Bulk

Find all styles with a particular attribute and value (e.g., all paragraph styles with first-line indentation of 12 pt) and change them throughout the entire document to a new value. This modifies all matching styles, so pay attention to the list of styles the tool adjusts.

Add Pages to Endnotes

Add page numbers to the start of linked endnotes corresponding to the location of the appropriate enref. This tool can be used to set up blind endnotes. While blind endnotes are strongly discouraged in the Well-Formed Document Workflow for a number of reasons, this tool can be used when such treatment is absolutely necessary. The full workaround for handling blind endnotes is described on its own documentation page.

Bug Fixes

  • Handle Conditional Text: fixed a compatibility issue that caused some files to crash in InDesign 2021
  • Review tocnum: fixed edge-case issue involving content in tables
  • Link Endnotes for PDF/Add Endnote Page Ranges: improved how these tools interpret alt styles when splitting the document into sections