April 26, 2022 Scribe Tools Update

By Scribe Inc.


A new update of the Scribe Tools for InDesign is now available. Information about all of our tools can be found on our Scribe Tools documentation page.

New Features

Review Style Construction

Checks several aspects of a style and potential combinations of character/paragraph styles and reports potential issues in the setup and interaction between styles. Issues that are reported on each style include the following:

  • styles with both superscript/subscript and baseline shift
  • styles with italic and skew
  • styles with automatic numbering or bullet rules

Issues reported on the interaction between paragraph and character styles include the following:

  • italic character styles used in italic paragraphs (formatting distinction is invisible)
  • small-caps character styles used in small-caps paragraphs (formatting distinction is redundant)
  • mix of italic and skewed styles
  • font weights between the paragraph and character styles don’t match (only reported in certain cases)

Report All Style Issues Custom

Runs the selected style issue checking tools.

Removes some extra hyperlink data that is difficult to remove using InDesign’s interface. This is used to troubleshoot certain issues that come up in projects with PDF linking but is not required for most typesets.

Improved Features

  • Get File Information for Active Document: Now includes the file trim size.
  • Add TOC Links: Now works for books with multiple files. The tool reports invalid pages. Also now includes an option to link page numbers at the start of the paragraph instead of the end.
  • Review tocnum: Now also reports tocfm pages with an Arabic numeral tocnum and several toc styles with a Roman numeral. Also fixed a bug that reported tocnums as erroneous if the chapter head on the page was a digit only.
  • Apply Breaking Rules: Added option to prevent breaking on Hebrew maqafs.
  • Add Cover Page: The cover page is now added as "Cov-1" instead of as "A," preventing duplicate page numbers in the final web PDF.

GREP Searches

A number of helpful GREP searches have been added to the GREP folder that comes packaged with Scribe Tools.

  • Add 000 Placeholders to TOC
  • Apply tocnum
  • Hebrew Adjacent to English
  • No Break between 2-Initial Names
  • No Break between 3-Initial Names
  • Possible Missing Space before Soft Return

More information about using these searches can be found on our InDesign GREP Searches documentation page.