June 14, 2022 SAI and SAI Lite Update

By Scribe Inc.


Major updates to the SAI and SAI Lite have been released, improving the tools available for Workflow subscribers and authors who work with WFDW publishers. Scribe continues to work toward support for more dynamic embedded indexes. Installation instructions for either package can be found on our installation documentation page.

SAI Update

Compose Index Fields Cleanup Option

This new cleanup option can be used to compose index fields that have been previously added to a document using Word’s indexing feature. This cleanup option composes author-embedded index entries as idx, preserving character styles with angle-bracket markup. Rendering cleanup should be run with or prior to this step, as corresponding improvements to the rendering cleanup option help preserve the correct styles throughout index entries.

Projects in which embedded index entries have been added using the SAI’s Index Assistant tool do not need to use this option.

Mark for Composition Review Cleanup Options

Three new cleanup options have been added to help identify certain common composition errors directly in the Word file:

  • Prohibited characters in url styles: Queries certain characters in URL styles that are not typically permitted.
  • Missing space around style: Queries possible missing spaces between character styles and other text. (This is typically fixed by running the “Make white space surrounding…” composition cleanup.)
  • Potentially dropped spaces: Queries select text patterns in which spaces may be missing around punctuation.

These tools can take some time to complete, so it is always recommended to save the file before running them.

Unmatched Styles in Paired Punctuation

This editorial cleanup option marks matched double quotes and various matched brackets that don’t have the same character style.

Title Case Improvements

The Title Case tool has been improved to make better decisions pertaining to punctuation, roman numerals, and acronyms. A deft editorial eye should still be used with this tool.

In addition to these general improvements, a new Check Title Case tool has been added below the Title Case button. This will add a comment to potentially problematic selected titles instead of changing the text directly.

Other improvements

  • Fields cleanup has been rewritten to retain fields as they are instead of attempting to update linked fields first. Hyperlinks will no longer be removed from the document using the fields cleanup, making it possible to use this cleanup in workflows that involve round-tripping hyperlinks that don’t match the text.
  • The Notes Manager is able to handle ahaft similarly to how it handles ah.

SAIL Update

The Index Assistant tool has been included in the SAI Lite, giving users the opportunity to embed index terms directly in documents for publishers and projects using the index features of Word, InDesign, and the WFDW. The cleanup options relevant to embedded index users are also available within the SAI Lite.