November 29, 2022 SAI and Scribe Tools Update

By Scribe Inc.


A major update to the SAI and a minor update to the Scribe Tools for InDesign have been released. See the SAI installation and Scribe Tools documentation pages for instructions on updating or installing these packages.

SAI Updates

Check Title Case by Style

A new title case–checking tool has been added below the “Title Case” button in the SAI ribbon. This new tool checks all instances of selected ScML paragraph and character styles for title case conformance and adds comments to the document where potential issues are found. Use the “Quick Add Styles” convenience buttons to select all heads, TOC entries, and other paragraph types. Results can be reviewed as comments within the Word document or as a list in a new document.

The Title Case tools have been improved to better handle all caps paragraphs.

Major Redesign of the Insert Query Tool

The Insert Query tool has been redesigned with a vertical format to be more compact and take up less space on the screen. Other features have been added to streamline this tool, including a new “Add Comment and Close” button as well as hot keys on the most used buttons. “Copy and Paste” buttons have been added for Mac users.

Mark for Editing Cleanup Options

Two new cleanup options have been added to the Mark for Editing Cleanup tool.

  • Title case issues in italics/quotes: Queries quoted and italic text against the SAI’s title case rules. In order to limit false hits, it will only check certain italic and quoted text. Quotes over 150 characters and text that only contains one capitalized word will NOT be checked. Some books may catch too many false hits. For that reason, it is not recommended to use this tool on novels with many quotes or on bibliographies with many book titles in foreign languages, as the title case tools are designed around English title case rules.
  • All caps used in small caps style: Queries the use of all caps in styles used for small caps (such as sm and tetr). Applying small caps styles to all caps text does not result in small caps letters and is usually an error.

Other Improvements

  • Vet File: A new check reports the presence and number of content controls in a document.
  • Notes Manager: A new Convert Embedded Notes section allows users to swap embedded endnotes and footnotes.

Scribe Tools Update

This Scribe Tools update fixes some minor bugs and optimizes the performance of certain tools.

  • Review Style Construction: This tool has been optimized to run faster on most files.
  • Add Pages to Endnotes: This tool has been updated to support blind endnotes for books that do not renumber by chapter.
  • Clean Typesetter Spaces and Breaks: Now converts right-indent tab character to a standard tab instead of removing the character.
  • Convert Endnotes: Fixed uncommon bug that interrupted extraction in certain files.