February 09, 2023 Digital Hub Update

By Scribe Inc.


Throughout the winter, the Digital Hub has been updated to improve the quality of the files and reports it produces.

New Hub Checks

  • Special Characters Issues: Several checks will warn about special Unicode characters that are often mistakenly used in place of much more common characters. These warnings provide recommendations about the best way to handle these characters within most projects.
  • Table of Contents Link Order: ScML files with linked TOCs will warn when the order of the linked content does not match the order of the content in the book. This can reveal structural errors and linking issues that would cause accessibility warnings in the e-book.

Routine Improvements

  • Print articulation for crt, rv, and tocau styles has been improved.
  • The Standardize Ellipses setting has been improved for handling brackets, vernacular apostrophes, and character styles at the start or end of a paragraph style.
  • The Small Caps Backward compatibility setting will now format the small caps in more complex character styles, including gt-sm, gtref-sm, red-sm, and red-sm-i.
  • URLs that overlap page junctures should link automatically and correctly in most cases.
  • Index cross-reference linking has been improved.

Sample Generator

New preset options in the left column can help you pull out all TOC and head styles. This can be useful when reviewing the titles and general structure of a project.


We continue to make improvements to our ScML2PDF service. Our latest changes improve the customizability of running heads and retain italics from chapter titles in running heads.