May 10, 2023 Digital Hub Update

By Scribe Inc.


Redesign of the Digital Hub

The Digital Hub is undergoing a visual redesign to improve the user experience of the Well-Formed Document Workflow. This redesign aims to reduce the amount of scrolling, make navigation more intuitive, and make critical information and alerts more apparent to users.

  • A new sidebar has been added to make navigation between different parts of the Hub easier.
  • Projects will show conversion alerts in a pop-up window when file conversions are completed. These and all prior conversion alerts will remain available for review in the Alerts and Warnings tab.
  • Users now have the option to create a new project with or without a guided walkthrough.
  • The Upload button has been moved to a menu bar within project records.

We will continue to improve the interface of the Digital Hub in the coming months to make it easier to access the many options and tools available to Well-Formed Document Workflow subscribers.

Hub Conversion Improvements

  • When converting ScML files with ahaft or ah heads in endnotes to Microsoft Word, the heads will be embedded along with the endnotes.
  • Uploading an image with a file name that ends with “-cover” (followed by the file extension) will automatically set it as the cover in the upload file form. This selection can be unchecked if needed.
  • Round-tripping xbr tags to Microsoft Word will preserve the metadata within a URL.
  • New file checks have been added to catch more potential issues before they impact projects.

Bug Fixes

  • The update fixes an issue that caused certain ePubs to have a validation issue when images were used in place of chapter titles. The Hub will fall back to using the project title in such cases.
  • Additionally, the alt text can be pulled into a file when images are used in place of live text for part or chapter titles.
  • The refiner’s handling of bx styles for consistency with the treatment of sidebar styles has been revised.