May 30, 2023 SAI Update

By Scribe Inc.


An update to the SAI has been released. See the SAI installation documentation page for instructions on updating or installing this package.

Change Base Font

The Change Base Font tool has been added next to the “Cleanup” button in the SAI ribbon. This tool imposes roman base font on text so that italic text becomes roman and roman text becomes italic. There are two ways to apply this change:

  • Impose on Selected Paragraphs: Select text in the paragraphs where you want to impose roman base font and click “Impose on Selected Paragraphs.”
  • Impose by Paragraph Style: Click “Impose by Paragraph Style” to pull up the Change Base Font form. Select paragraph styles from the list on the left and click “Add” to include them in the group of styles to change. All paragraphs that use the selected styles will have a roman base font imposed when this cleanup is run.

Other Improvements

  • Index Assistant: The Index Assistant tool will now separately count entries of the same term with different capitalization.
  • Vet File: This report will now include the number of MathType equations in the document.

Bug Fixes

  • Fields Cleanup: The Fields cleanup will no longer modify MathType objects or delete citation fields.
  • Index Assistant: Removing entries from selected text now correctly removes all entries.
  • Note Manager: The update fixes various bugs with “Convert custom marker to embedded note marker” in the Active File Warnings tab.
  • Cleanup: Hyperlinks no longer interfere with Punctuation Rendering cleanups.
  • The SAI installer has been improved for Windows users running OneDrive.