February 2017 Update

By Scribe Inc.


New Digital Hub

The new Digital Hub is now live on scribenet.com. Additionally, Scribe Tools for InDesign have been updated with new features.

The new Digital Hub includes the following:

  • Added organization features for shared files and settings
  • Streamlined project creation and metadata interface
  • Improved project pages
  • Simplified image processing
  • Behind-the-scenes updates for better file handling and faster conversions

For a complete list of Digital Hub features, including information about user management, file processing, and conversion settings, click here.

Included as well are the updated documentation page about the Digital Hub’s file alerts and a new resource page with recommendations and instructons for local image processing.

Scribe Tools for InDesign include the following new features:

  • Export sam or IDTT without page numbers. This option will perform all export steps, excluding the addition of page numbers from the ouptput.
  • New Handle Conditional Text tool. This is for use in specialized typesets that utilize InDesign’s conditional text feature for styles other than structure. Instructions for the use of this tool can be found here.

WFDW subscribers can log in to scribenet.com and download Scribe Tools for InDesign here.

Documentation and install instructions are available here.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions about the Digital Hub, Scribe Tools for InDesign, or other aspects of the Well-Formed Document Workflow.