New Year's WFDW Update

By Scribe Inc.


Happy New Year from Scribe!

We are thrilled to announce a brand new Digital Hub, coming in February. Since the Digital Hub’s creation in 2013, we have continuously analyzed the ways in which it has been used and listened to the feedback provided by WFDW subscribers. With this in mind, we’ve developed features that result in the best possible output while creating a smooth and intuitive user experience. The new Digital Hub delivers the best interface yet, providing clear options to perform each action in an environment designed to present information simply and elegantly.

The new Digital Hub includes the following:

  • Added organization features for shared files and settings
  • Streamlined project creation and metadata interface
  • Improved project pages
  • Simplified image processing
  • Behind-the-scenes updates for better file handling and faster conversions

We want to remind you that the Digital Hub is not meant to function as a content management system, so all work should always be backed up locally. Any content currently in the Digital Hub will not be transferred to the new system, but Scribe will still have access to it on the original server. Should you find a need for a file created before February 6, 2017, you may contact us to retrieve it for you. Additional notifications will be sent about this in the weeks leading up to the new Digital Hub’s release.

An announcement with details about the new Digital Hub, including a link to full documentation on, will be sent on February 6.