October 2016 WFDW Update

By Scribe Inc.


Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

  • Associate Master Pages allows master pages to be applied based on first-on-page styles. It also links the master page choice to the style so that the dialog can populate when a template is used.
  • Center and Decimal Align Cell Content performs the Center on Longest Line function on cell content while also decimal aligning it. This can be run on multiple cells or a whole table.
  • Link Endnotes for PDF uses the logic of Add Endnote Page Ranges to create Web PDF–ready reciprocal links between endnote references and endnotes.
  • Place Images allows for the placing of images at Scribe query markers with a few basic settings. This tool is of particular use for books that contain numerous instances of in-line images, such as math books that contain equation images.
  • Link Cross-References creates hyperlinks from references like “(see chapter 2)” to anchors placed at those locations. These can be retained in e-books or Web PDFs.

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Add Endnote Page Ranges now incorporates Clean Endnote Page Ranges into the Add Endnote Page Ranges tool.
  • Apply Breaking Rules includes more options and a more customizable dialog.
  • Generate Hyperlinks now treats Twitter handles properly.
  • Export XML
    • Added Accept All Changes and Remove Table Paragraph Style.
    • Changed the way that Add Linking Attributes generates anchor names to marry it less strictly to Link Cross-Refs.
    • Avoided tagging images that appear on master pages in Anchor Items.
    • Allowed Anchor Items to handle different box shapes and added the ability to work with locked layers.
    • Turned on page locator information for figures. This allows the Digital Hub to more accurately place images that span pages or appear on pages without text.
  • Export IDTT
    • Added Accept All Changes and Convert Numbers and Bullets to Text.
  • Add Endnote Page Ranges
    • Includes JSON support for better management of saved settings.
    • Incorporates Clean Endnote Page Ranges into the Add Endnote Page Ranges tool.
  • Renamed Iterate by Style to Increment Selection by Style. This can be used to increment either up or down.
  • Added a Go to Documentation link to the main menu.
  • Fixed standard report dialog so that the Close button is active on display.

Full documentation about the Scribe Tools for InDesign can be found here.