May 2016 WFDW Update

By Scribe Inc.



  • New ScML Styles
  • A New Look for
  • SAI and Scribe Tools for InDesign
  • BrickFTP for File Transfers

New ScML Styles

Scribe Markup Language has been updated to include new styles for consistency and frequent use case scenarios. This includes new standalone variations of senseline (poetry) sublevels, sidebar and box attribution styles, and table of contents styles for lists of illustrations. The complete list of ScML styles can be found here.

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  • Word Template (
  • scr-scmllist.txt (included with the Word Template download)
  • sam.dtd
  • scml.dtd

Accessibility Styles

The following styles exist in Scribe Markup Language (ScML) to meet accessibility standards and apply to text that may render as italic and bold but convey specific meanings.

em Emphasis
tnw Title, Name, or Work
i Change of Voice
strong Imperative Statement
fterm Foreign or Technical Term
cite Citation
taxspecies    Species Name

Note: Additional styles in ScML may render as italic, bold, small-caps, underline, or other text treatments. Examples include dispk for dialogue speaker, gt for glossary term, lang for foreign languages, and hemb for embedded heads. The complete list of ScML styles is found here.

For more information on ePub3 accessibility standards, see

New Paragraph Styles

New paragraph styles have been added to ScML for consistency and additional style options within style groups. This includes new stand-alone styles for poetry and sidebar sublevels, as well as a designated style for lists of illustrations (figures, maps, photos, etc.).

Paragraph Styles  
rvf Review first
sered Series Editor
tocill TOC Illustrations List
tocill1 TOC Illustrations List Level 1
sl1s Senseline Level 1 Stand-Alone
sl2s Senseline Level 2 Stand-Alone
sl3s Senseline Level 3 Stand-Alone
sl4s Senseline Level 4 Stand-Alone
sl5s Senseline Level 5 Stand-Alone
sl6s Senseline Level 6 Stand-Alone
sl7s Senseline Level 7 Stand-Alone
sl8s Senseline Level 8 Stand-Alone
sl9s Senseline Level 9 Stand-Alone
sb1s Sidebar Level 1 Stand-Alone
sbatr Sidebar Attribution
sbatr1 Sidebar Attribution Level 1
bxatr Box Attribution
bxatr1 Box Attribution Level 1

New Character Styles

New character styles have been added to accommodate frequent use scenarios. This includes designated styles for table note numbers and table note references for notes that occur within tables.

Character Styles  
tnnum Table Note Number
tnref Table Note Reference
eqn Equation Number
ccust1-i Character Custom 1 Italic
ccust2-i Character Custom 2 Italic
ccust3-i Character Custom 3 Italic

A New Look for

Featuring the Digital Hub, information about our services, and documentation on the Well-Formed Document Workflow, has been updated with a new look.

SAI and Scribe Tools for InDesign

The Scribe Add-In for Word and Scribe Tools for InDesign have been updated for minor bug fixes.

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BrickFTP for File Transfers

To make file transfers easier for all, Scribe has adopted BrickFTP ( for file transfers. Files can be accessed through a web interface or an FTP program such as FileZilla or Cyberduck. There is one account per organization. Every organization's login name consists of the Scribe client code with "-scribe" appended. For an organization with a client code of ABC, that would be "ABC-scribe." If you need an account created, simply contact us, and we can provide this to you.

BrickFTP offers a number of beneficial features, including a robust web interface and fine-grained file system controls. As of Monday evening on May 2, our current FTP will be deprecated and you can begin using BrickFTP for exchanging files with us.