October 2015 Update

By Scribe Inc.



HTML Conversion

The Digital Hub can now produce HTML5 files with enhancements not found in ePub HTML files:

  • Table of contents formatting as nested lists.
  • Include Blank Stylesheet setting: If this setting is enabled, when the Digital Hub converts an ScML file to HTML, it will embed a blank stylesheet listing every style used in the document in the head of the HTML.
  • Popup Footnotes: If this setting is enabled, when the Digital Hub converts an ScML file to HTML, it will include JavaScript embedded in the HTML that will make the footnotes interactive popup boxes. This is not available for ePub conversions.
  • ePub3 and HTML output will both feature nested HTML lists. Lists will have an attribute appended so that they retain the literal list marker present in the text, rather than allowing the browser or e-book device to automatically append a number or bullet.

Mobi Files for All ePub Conversions

The Digital Hub will now produce a Mobi file when processing to ePub3 in addition to ePub2 conversions.

Whenever an ePub is created, the new Mobi file will overwrite any existing Mobi files in the Digital Hub project.

Index Linking

The Digital Hub will parse index entries for the term, page numbers, subentries, and see/see also references. In addition to linking the references to the pages, when the Embed Index Terms at Page Anchors setting is enabled, this metadata will be included in self-closing idx tags. In most cases, users will not need to enable the Embed Index Terms at Page Anchors setting.

For more information about the enhanced index linking features, click here.

Navigation and File Uploader

In addition to these new features, scribenet.com also has a revised navigation menu and file uploader window. These changes come along as part of an overhaul of the underlying code the site uses. The new code allows for better behind-the-scenes file management, faster conversions, and increased site stability. The “catcher’s mitt” file uploader window improves the drag-and-drop upload of files to the Digital Hub, and the navigation menu makes it easier than ever to access the site’s variety of features.

Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

  • Add Linking Attributes will now skip certain types of bad hyperlinks.
  • Unbase Styles now runs after Insert Page Indicators to avoid an occasional instances where unbasing creates reflow.
  • Fixed an issue with Insert Page Indicators and inline tables.