June 2015 Announcement

By Scribe Inc.



SAI and SAI Lite

The Scribe Add-In for Word has been updated with the following:

  • Cleaned up visibility of macros for easier shortcutting.*
  • Fixed an error that could occur when SAI Fit is run when there are minimized documents.*
  • Improved speed of Associate Styles.*
  • Associate Styles now only allows styles to be mapped to styles of the same type (character vs. paragraph).*
  • Associate Styles only shows B and I options for paragraph styles that are not themselves bold or italic, thereby simplifying the choices presented.*
  • Character styles can now be mapped to Default Paragraph Font.*
  • Add to Stylesheet now saves stylesheet after each addition.
  • Add to Stylesheet now transmits full-word bold/italic information to stylesheet.
  • Populate Stylesheet no longer looks for name/titles. It does add hyphenates and more terms with irregular capitalization.
  • Note functions will add ScML note styles if necessary before proceeding.*
  • Improved how Cleanup's punctuation options handle text in tables.
  • Clean Spaces now removes standard spaces before and after non-breaking spaces.

*Asterisks indicate updated features in the SAI Lite.

Scribe Tools for InDesign

Scribe Tools for InDesign have been updated to include expanded features and bug fixes. Full documentation is located here.

  • Checks links for known issues that will cause InDesign to fail to export XML (e.g. one hyperlink with multiple character styles applied).

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Reworking of some menus and dialogs to better function in Adobe CC.
  • General cleanup of context menu items and progress bar syncing.
  • InDesign now remembers the sam DTD location so that, in most cases, it need not be reset after an update.
  • Text paths are now accepted wherever text frames would be expected.
  • Generated attribute values are given a basic cleanup for DTD validity.
  • If the DTD cannot be loaded, the Run All (Export XML) option should now stop.
  • Improved Add Endnote Range's settings memory for files.
    • Now uses title case for its running heads rather than sentence.
    • Script-generated labels are now used rather than section markers to "name" chapters. User-generated section markers can be incorporated if desired.
  • Clean Endnote Page Ranges now removes the hyperlinks from note running heads to avoid issues with running the two scripts multiple times.
  • Insert Page Indicators now deletes any existing notes before adding page numbers.
    • Temporarily resets the document zero point to the true top of the page so as to better identify the top text frame.
    • Also attempts to distinguish marginalia from text columns.
    • Deals more gracefully with overset table text and multi-page tables.
  • Anchor Items has better ordering of multiple images across a run of pages.
    • Also provided some basic support for galleries of images and images that span a spread.
    • To facilitate that, a main story will now be created if one is not apparent.
  • List Unmappable Styles and Remove TSO Styles now recognize (and handle appropriately) TSO alt styles.
  • Remove TSO Styles moves page indicators that fall within paragraphs using tso character style onto their own lines and applies the p style.
  • Review Nested Styles now checks for multiple embedded styles on the same text (nested and line, etc.) and lists these as well as nested/applied conflicts.
    • Also, the dialog now provides information on which styles have been found (applied, nested, line, and grep) to ease resolution of these conflicts.
  • Fixed an issue with very small text frames in IDTT export.