July 12, 2019 SAI Update

By Scribe Inc.


SAI Updates

The latest version of the SAI includes a number of new features, user interface improvements, and bug fixes.

SAI’s Find and Replace Redesign

This tool has been expanded so that users can add as many searches as they want to a Find/Replace routine. Additional options allow you to test individual searches in the document prior to running all find/replace routines. See our updated feature documentation.

Import and Export Scribe Settings

Saved Style Galleries, Find/Replace routines, Capitalization Dictionaries, and Style Associations can all be imported and exported, allowing a team to share their customized configurations.

Bibliography-Checking Tools (PC only)

A new suite of bibliography-checking tools color-codes the components of bibliography entries and provides feedback about potentially incorrect entries. See our feature documentation.

Note Manager

The Note Manager replaces the previous Convert Notes options. In addition to converting between embedded notes and plain text notes, the following features have been added:

  • Convert embedded Word notes in tables to plain text table notes.
  • Locate and fix common note issues with the Note Warnings tab.
  • Change note settings throughout a document.
  • Generate headings for your endnote section.
  • Add styles to a gallery and edit the gallery from the main gallery window.
  • Apply any ScML style by typing a style name into the window and clicking Apply.
  • Create compound style buttons (such as bk/bk1) to be applied to two selected paragraphs at the same time.

Cleanup: Compose Paragraphs

Added paragraph composition options for automatic composition of certain paragraphs based on formatting.

Additional Cleanup Options

New options within the Cleanup Tool:

  • Hyperlinks: Applies the appropriate url style to text that resembles a hyperlink (e.g., has “http://”).
  • Overwrite non-ScML character styles: Runs rendering cleanup on non-ScML character styles.
  • Clean structure indicators: Fixes spacing issues around structure indicators. Adds the structure style to uncomposed structure indicators. Removes Word comments from structure paragraphs.
  • Clean figures: Fixes spacing issues around figure callouts. Applies fig and img styles to figure callout paragraphs, if formatted properly. Removes Word comments from fig paragraphs.
  • Clean queries: Updates legacy Scribe formatting.
  • Remove character styles from paragraph breaks: Converts all paragraph breaks to the Default Paragraph Font.
  • Check index (PC only): Inserts comments identifying index entries and page locators that may be out of order.

Other Improvements

  • Vet File: Identifies features to track.
  • Check URL Link Quality: Pings sites with a URL link to determine if they are potentially broken links.
  • Find This Formatting Using Find and Replace: Loads a selected paragraph’s formatting to the Find field in Microsoft Word. (Access in the context menu by right-clicking on a paragraph).
  • Articulate Selected Paragraphs from Blank Paragraphs: Applies the appropriate “first” paragraph style (e.g., bqf, slf, etc.) to composed ScML paragraphs preceded by a blank. To use, right-click on a selected group of paragraphs and right-click to select the tool. Often useful in poetry sections to identify stanza breaks or on a book’s copyright page.
  • Restrict Editing: Locks and unlocks the document.
  • Insert Image (Update): Allows for easy alternate text insertion.

More information about all these new tools can be found on the SAI Tools documentation page. Installation and update instructions can be found on the SAI Installation page.