October 2018 Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

By Scribe Inc.


Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

  • Review Centering Settings reviews the document’s paragraph styles for centered styles that may not be truly centered within their text frames.
  • Apply Center/Right-Aligning Tabs to Paragraph Style applies tab stop settings to the selected paragraph style. This tool is particularly useful for setting up running heads but can be used for any style that requires a center-aligning tab and a right-aligning tab.
  • Batch Find and Replace performs several case-sensitive, whole-word replacements on an entire file. Corrections must be listed in a text file, with each find/replace pair on its own line, each find term and replace term separated by a tab.
  • Check Online for Scribe Tools Updates checks your version of Scribe Tools against the latest update (requires an active internet connection).

Image Placement Tools

  • Place Single Image (new) inserts the unanchored image onto the pasteboard. If the image is larger than the width or height of the page trim, it will be scaled proportionately to fit within the trim. Any selected figcap or figh paragraphs will be pulled from the source text flow into a new text box.
  • Place All Images (updated; renamed from “Place Images”) now includes a resize option to scale oversize images proportionately to fit within the trim.

Round-Trip Image Alternate Text

Alternate text can be round-tripped through the entire WFDW. Using the Image Placement Tools saves alternate text to the image’s export options. The Export XML process will export this alternate text with the image.

Scribe Tools Support for Right-to-Left Languages

  • Set Up Language Styles prepares composed language styles for Hebrew and Arabic character styles. Changes InDesign’s Language setting for these styles so that combining characters display correctly. Also applies the “Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer” setting to all paragraph styles with an “‑altworld” attribute, a requirement for paragraphs including text from right-to-left languages.

  • Text Direction enables text direction functionality present in the Middle Eastern version of Adobe InDesign for other users, giving you the option to explicitly force paragraphs, paragraph styles, and tables to be read from left to right or from right to left. When the Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer alone is not enough to display right-to-left text in the correct order, this tool gives further control. Paragraph direction settings do not export and are particular to Adobe InDesign.

Digital Hub Support for Right-to-Left Languages

Paragraphs with tagged Hebrew/Arabic text will have the “‑altworld” alternate style applied automatically when converting to IDTT. To tag Hebrew/Arabic text automatically, enable Compose Language Styles in the Digital Hub when processing from .sam to .scml or from .docx to any format.


  • Remove Table Paragraph Styles works on tstable alt styles now.
  • Export XML
    • Added Convert Endnotes to deal with Adobe InDesign’s new Endnotes feature.
    • Added Text Variables to Literal Text.
    • Add Linking Attributes now preserves internal links created with InDesign’s native paragraph cross-reference tool. Useful in titles with heavily linked PDFs where you may want to preserve such linking in an XML export. This is not the recommended way to add eBook-only links.
  • Export IDTT will pad page numbers so that sorting them alphabetically is more likely to sort them sequentially. Useful when using merge programs. Roman numerals and other nonnumeric page numbers may still sort in odd ways, so caution should still be exercised when merging files.
  • Anchor Items
    • This step is now more flexible when content needs to be anchored a few pages away due to the presence of intervening full-page images.
    • Deals with material that has already been anchored in a smarter way.
    • Fix to status bar.
    • Invisible layers will be deleted (and not extracted).
  • OSF Styles are now eliminated during export or mapped to the appropriate common ScML character style (i.e., osf-i to i).
  • Added an Overview tab for Run All - Export XML and Run All - Export IDTT showing any tabs that warrant further review.

Full documentation about the Scribe Tools for InDesign can be found here.