March 5, 2020 Scribe Tools for InDesign Update

By Scribe Inc.


A new Scribe Tools for InDesign update streamlines the process of creating linked Web PDFs with the addition of three new tools for preparing InDesign files. This update also includes other new features.

Web PDF Tools

  • Add Cover Page: Select cover page and insert it into a new section at the front of the book.
  • Add TOC Links: Link toc paragraphs to the page number indicated.
  • Add Bookmarks: Add bookmarks based on where chapter, part, and unit header styles appear in the document. Use interactive viewer to modify bookmarks before they are placed.

Review Paragraph Style Sizing

Show the font and leading size for all the paragraph styles in the document. Copy the results from this report into a spreadsheet or text editor for easier reading and to spot potential inconsistencies in a document’s design.

Report All Style Issues

Run three of the major style quality control tools in Scribe Tools.

  • List Unmappable Styles
  • Review Centering Settings
  • Review Nested Styles