May 18, 2020 SAI Update

By Scribe Inc.


This update improves several features throughout the SAI.

View Text in Black / View Text in Color

This new feature toggles whether the ScML template should use the native colors of the ScML template or whether character style text should display as black.

Custom Find and Replace: Find Previous

A “Find Previous” button has been added to the search window to allow you to search up in a document.

Create or Delete AutoText Entry

You can use the SAI’s query tool to create or delete AutoText for your Normal template. This AutoText can then be used as a template to create new comments elsewhere in the document.

Style Sheet Improvements

Terms added to the style sheet via the tools in the SAI will now preserve differences in capitalization. Previously, words would not be added if they matched text already present in the style sheet, even if capitalization was different. Editors can use this to confirm that special terms are capitalized consistently throughout a document.

Other Minor Features

  • Insert Abstract Structure Indicators: A new structure indicator is available corresponding to the new abst styles in the latest ScML template update.
  • Capitalization Dictionaries: Dictionaries can be used to override lowercase prepositions.

Bug Fixes

  • Make punctuation following…: Fixed bug that occurred when styles were adjacent to Word equations that caused Word to hang indefinitely.
  • Convert Notes: Adding a-heads for each corresponding chapter in the Notes section previously failed for certain chapters immediately before the back matter; issue has been fixed.
  • Import/Export: Fixed error when importing and exporting a single style gallery or find/replace routine.