November 14, 2023 Digital Hub and Scribe Tools Fall Updates

By Scribe Inc.


The Digital Hub and Scribe Tools for InDesign both received an update this week. The Scribe Tools update contains several new tools, while both updates look to improve how language metadata is handled throughout the Well-Formed Document Workflow.

Major Scribe Tools Updates

Scribe Tools contains a number of new tools.

  • Highlight Missing Soft Return Spaces: Applies a condition that highlights cases in which soft returns may be missing the required space before them or the space is on the wrong side of the soft return.
  • Preview Styles in Text Frame: Creates a text box on the pasteboard beside the current page containing samples of all paragraph and character styles formatted with the style applied.
  • Add tocnum Placeholder: Adds 000 to the end of paragraphs using toc styles.
  • Set Metadata: Sets metadata for the file. This is to be used when generating a web PDF. A convenience button tries to select this text automatically from the content of the book. However, this should be reviewed to confirm content has not been missed.

Preserve More Metadata during Export

Additional export steps have been added to preserve link metadata on xbr styles as well as the language metadata on character styles. Using the correct language metadata throughout the workflow can help with design decisions while also improving the accessibility of e-books produced in the Digital Hub.

Routine Updates

  • Updated Modify Styles in Bulk to include left indent and right indent.
  • Updated Review tocnum to warn when a tocnum points to the page on which the tocnum itself appears.
  • Fixed a bug in Highlight Stacks and Highlight Widows that caused the tool to crash in books that used text paths.

Digital Hub Update

Language Improvements

The Compose Language Styles option will now attempt to add language metadata to any instance of the lang character style. It will do this even if the composed text contains only characters in the standard Latin Unicode blocks (Basic Latin, Latin- 1 Supplement, and Latin Extended A).

Update List Style Type

Previously, ePubs created with the Digital Hub would have lists with automatic list markers turned off using the style attribute within the e-book HTML: <ol style="list-style-type:none">. In order to accommodate certain industry practices, the Digital Hub will remove this from the HTML itself. List elements will appear without the style attribute: <ol>.

To obtain the same effect, Scribe’s default CSS has been updated to include the following attributes.

ol {list-style-type: none;} ul {list-style-type: none;}

If you do not use Scribe’s default CSS, these lines should be added to your CSS file. Otherwise, the resulting e-book will include duplicate note numbers and bullet points before list items.

Routine Improvements

  • The idx character style is reserved for embedded index metadata. Using idx as a standard character style will result in a warning during conversions to IDTT.
  • Various fixes related to the creation of accessible ePub HTML have been implemented.