December 14, 2023 SAI Update

By Scribe Inc.


An update to the SAI has been released. See the SAI installation documentation page for instructions on updating or installing this package.

Check Hyphenated Terms

A Check Hyphenated Terms tool has been added under the Auto-Edit button in the SAI ribbon. This new tool checks the document for any hyphenated terms that also show up unhyphenated. It displays how many instances there are of each variation of a particular term and enables the user to adjust hyphenation either globally or for specific instances.

This tool can take some time to complete, so it is always recommended to save the file before running it.

Major Redesign of the Index Assistant Tool

The Index Assistant tool has been redesigned with new sections for marking and creating terms. Cross-references have also been moved into a separate tab in the tool. There are multiple new features and improvements as part of this:

  • A new “Validate Terms” button in the right-hand column reports a list of blind references, “see” references with page numbers, and “see also” references without page numbers.
  • A new “Refresh List” button updates the list of indexed terms. Use this tool when one or more entries have been manually changed in the document in order to have those changes reflected in the Index Assistant.
  • A new “Go to Marked Instance” button searches for and highlights the marked index entries of the selected term. This was previously done by double-clicking a term in the Indexed Terms list.
  • A new check for smart quotes used in the index entry structure runs before the Index Assistant loads and, if any are found, provides an option to convert them to straight quotes. Smart quotes that are part of the index term itself are left as is.
  • The term to be marked is now set either by selecting a term from the Indexed Terms list or by typing a new term in the New Term box. A summary at the bottom of the tool will update automatically based on the selections.
  • Cross-references are now handled in the Review Cross-References tab.
    • The Indexed Cross-References list displays all cross-references along with what they reference.
    • To mark a cross-reference, set the term to be marked from either the Indexed Terms list or the New Term box in the Add and Edit Terms tab and click “Add Cross-Reference….” This will bring up the Review Cross-References tab. Use the two drop-down menus at the bottom to set the type of see reference and the term being referenced.
  • To edit a term, double-click it in the Indexed Terms list. This will pull up a separate window. Type the updated text in the window’s text field and click “Update Selected Entry Throughout Document.”
  • “Update Selected Entry Throughout Document” now also updates that entry when it is referenced by a cross-reference.
  • Subentries are now displayed indented below their main entries in the Indexed Terms and Indexed Cross-References lists.
  • Character styles are now ignored when sorting entries.
  • “Find in Document” now pulls up the Word Find window to search for instances of the selected term in the document, even if it is not part of an embedded index entry.
  • Some buttons have been renamed:
    • “Highlight All Ranges” is now “Highlight Indexed Term’s Ranges.”
    • “Highlight Selected Entry Range” is now “Highlight Selected Instance’s Range.”
    • “Look Up Selected Text in Current Entries” is now a magnifying glass icon at the top of the Indexed Terms list.


  • The Punctuation Rendering cleanup no longer removes character styles from punctuation at the end of italic, bold, and bold-italic sentences.
  • A “Content controls” cleanup option has been added under Convert to Live Text.
  • Head aft styles are no longer queried for missing ending punctuation.

Other Improvements

  • Note Manager: “Add a-heads for each chapter in the notes” now adds ct text by default if there is no cn text.
  • SAI ribbon: Index Assistant is now in the Edit section, and Vet File is now in the Report section.

Bug Fixes

  • Note Manager: A-heads in notes are now better handled when converting embedded notes.
  • Vet File: The Images/Shapes count now includes unanchored images and shapes.