July 20, 2020 Major SAI Lite Update

By Scribe Inc.


A major update of the SAI Lite has been released that fundamentally alters this free version of the SAI software. Because the SAI Lite was developed independently from the SAI, previous versions had different menus and tool functionality. We have rewritten the SAI Lite so that the user experience now mirrors the full SAI. While the expansive reporting and cleanup tools of the full SAI remain exclusive features for our Well-Formed Document Workflow (WFDW) subscribers, this new SAI Lite offers users access to the full suite of Style Gallery tools that are fundamental to composition.

The newly incorporated features are useful not only to existing users of the SAI Lite but also to WFDW subscribers engaged with authors, freelancers, or volunteers who are not authorized to use the full SAI software.

Major components of the new SAI Lite include the following:

  • Style galleries are now fully supported and customizable. SAI Lite users may now modify style galleries, edit them on the fly, autoselect groups of uncomposed paragraphs, and use compound styles to apply groupings of styles to multiple paragraphs at a time. Workflow SAI users can exchange style galleries with SAI Lite users.
  • Loading ScML styles is now done via a separate template and the Load ScML Styles button. This means SAI Lite users will have access to new Word templates and ScML styles as soon as they are released for the SAI. They will no longer have to wait for new releases of the SAI Lite.
  • File Check and Report Styles have been updated and include the latest verification tools available in the SAI.
  • Images and queries can be inserted and filtered in the document.
  • Composing Rendering and Associating Styles are now handled entirely through the Cleanup tool, as they are in the SAI.

Features included in the SAI Lite work the same way as their SAI counterparts. To learn more about how to use these tools, you can find the appropriate documentation by visiting our tool overview page and navigating to the appropriate feature. SAI components that are not available to SAI Lite users are grayed out in the template. To install the new SAI Lite, follow the installation instructions provided for the SAI.

If you have a project or series requiring freelancers or volunteers to work within the WFDW, contact us at contact@scribenet.com to learn how the new SAI Lite can help your workflow.