SAI Tools

Available automation tools within the SAI.

The SAI features a number of tools to automate scribing and editorial functions.

Manuscript Scribing and Preparation Tools

  • Scribe: Create and use style galleries to apply character and paragraph styles at the touch of a button. Customize style palettes for specific projects. Other features include Change Base Font, Structure Indicators, and Style Painter.
  • Cleanup: Perform various cleanup tasks on a document (or documents). Useful when scribing and copyediting a file.
  • Find and Replace: Run multiple Replace All actions. This has all the features of Word’s Find and Replace plus some specific to the SAI, such as the ability to apply title case to text found by a search. Useful when scribing or copyediting a file. It can also be used to create, save, and share customized quality control searches.
  • Note Manager: Perform various changes to the document’s endnote and footnote settings. Convert Word’s embedded notes to/from regular text. Change the document-wide numbering rules. The Warnings tab can be used to identify and fix common note issues.
  • File Management and Report: Access tools for managing files (including Load ScML Styles, New ScML Document, Restrict Editing, View Text in Black, and Split Document) and generating reports (including Vet File, Report Styles, and File Check).

Editorial Tools

  • Editorial Style Sheet: Create and modify editorial style sheets to track your project’s editorial decisions.
  • Real Title Case: Apply “intelligent” title case to selected text based on style guides and user-defined capitalization dictionaries.
  • Insert Query: Add queries to the document while keeping your editorial space organized.
  • Auto-Edit
    • Bibliography Tools: Tag bibliographies and check them against style guides (PC only).
    • Check URL Link Quality: Ping websites that have the url character style applied and report potentially dead URLs.
    • Check Hyphenated Terms: Report hyphenated terms that also show up unhyphenated. Adjust them either globally or for specific instances.
  • Index Assistant: Create embedded index terms that travel through the WFDW.

In addition, several features within the Cleanup tool are intended for editorial use, found primarily under the Mark for Editing tab.

Context Menu

The SAI adds several options to Microsoft Word’s context menu to expedite and customize everything from Find and Replace to Title Case. See SAI Shortcuts for more.

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