Composition QC

Check the following to confirm the quality of a composed Word document:

File Requirements

Track Changes and File Extension

Files must be .docx for use in the Digital Hub.

File Check

File Alerts

If working offline, does File Check from the SAI reveal any errors?

If the Digital Hub lists footnote or endnote mismatch that cannot be found in Word, does running “Clean note markers" from the SAI Cleanup window resolve the issue?

If the Digital Hub lists other warnings that cannot be found in Word, does converting the file to .sam clear out the issue?

File Stats


Leftover Tags

Example: <TX1>


Some comments may be kept if editorial tasks will follow.


There should be none.

Titles and Heads

Scribe default: Use title case for titles and heads.

If a cover image is available, does the text in the file match the text used on the cover?

Check formatting, head level, spelling.

Structure Indicators

Front Matter

An explanation of structure indicators is found here.

Unique Sets

Complex Structures


Check for Non-ScML Styles

Hard Returns

Do not use soft returns to indicate line breaks.


Apply style variations (f, l, s, or o) for spacing as needed.

Use the Digital Hub’s Refiner to apply spacing rules to a crude composition.



Check Character Styles


Example: Combining unicode characters should not be used, and characters should not be rendered by legacy fonts. Individual unicode characters should be used in both of these cases.

Review the stats in the Digital Hub for a list of all characters used in the file.

Paragraph-Specific Styles

Examples: fighn; dispk; ennum

Figures and Images


Heads and Captions

Tables and Tabs



Example: chapter number [tab] TOC listing [tab] page number.

E-book Check

Text Checks

Convert the .docx to .sam in the Digital Hub and run the following searches.


Scribe default: If a general site name is immediately followed by a more specific url, the general site does not require url tags.

The following search is inclusive and might find some abbreviations or file names in addition to URLs.

Examples: em dashes, en dashes, or spaces.

Missing Spaces around Tags

Hyphen Spacing

Spaces around Punctuation

The following search is inclusive and might find some abbreviations, file names, or URLs in addition to dropped spaces. It will also find if a comma has been included in Scribe Inc. (It should not be.)

Opening and Closing Spaces

Spaces Preceding Note References

There should be none.

Duplicate Spaces

Incorrect Line Breaks

Do a “case sensitive” search using the following expression. It is inclusive and might find some lines that correctly begin with lowercase letters.

Incorrect Hyphenation

Do a “Find All” search using the following expression. Paste the results into a separate text file to review for potentially incorrect hyphenation.

Quotation Marks, Parentheses, and Brackets

Mismatches may be due to multiparagraph quotations.

Mismatches may be due to closing parentheses being used to punctuate list numbers.

Small Caps

Find all and paste into a new document to review results.


If necessary, the following expression can be used to replace en dashes or em dashes with hyphens: \1-\3-\5-\7-\9