SAI Documentation

The Scribe Add-In is a plug-in developed for the Microsoft Word environment.

The SAI provides a tool set for Well-Formed Document Workflow users. Within the WFDW, it is designed to assist with two processes:

  • Composition
  • Copyediting


  • Helps automate some common tasks
  • Provides ways to easily incorporate ScML into your files

Download and Install

First-time Installation

The SAI works with the following versions of Word:

  • Word 2007 (PC)
  • Word 2010 (PC)
  • Word 2013 (PC)
  • Word 2016 (PC)
  • Word 2011 (Mac)
  • Word 2016 (Mac)

To download and install the SAI, go to Downloads. For simpler organization, create an “SAI” folder on your computer, so all SAI-related files can be saved in one place.

  • In order for the SAI to work correctly, first download two additional and necessary files. They can both be found in the scml-word-templates package. Download this zip file and extract its contents.
  • scr-scmllist.txt Copy this file to your SAI folder.
  • Copy this file to your SAI folder.
  • Download the SAI and save the zipped file in your SAI folder.
  • Unzip, close Word if it is open, and then double-click SAI-setup.doc to open it in Word. You may be prompted to close any open documents.
  • It may be necessary to “enable macros” after opening SAI-setup. If so, simply click the Enable Macros button when it appears.
  • Fill in the registration information and review the terms. Select I Agree and click OK to send your registration to Scribe (requires an Internet connection; a web browser will open, and your registration information will be passed to Scribe’s Learning Site).
  • Word will close automatically. The next time you open Word, the SAI should be the second tab in your ribbon (after File). In Word 2011, the SAI will appear as a command bar at the top of the screen (and can be moved anywhere). If you are prompted to set the location of your scr-word-template or scmllist, click OK and do so. Some features will work without one or the other of these resource files, but the SAI may be slower. Some features will not work at all if neither resource is present.
  • Consult the ReadMe file included with the setup file for troubleshooting help. This file is also available from within the SAI; click View Readme in the User Options section.

Installing Updates

New versions of the SAI may be installed in the same manner. The locations of the scr-word-template and scr-scmllist files will remain set from the initial installation.

Handling Error Reports

If an Error Report pops up while using the SAI, click OK to view the Error Log, which can be copied. When sending feedback to Scribe, please include the error log in your message.