Proofread QC

Check the following to confirm the quality of documents supplied by a proofreader. This quality control checklist presumes that a proofread was conducted on a PDF file produced using the WFDW. This checklist also contains items that go beyond the scope of a standard QC to ensure quality in the publication.


Proof pages in PDF format

Final copyedited manuscript with all queries resolved and tracked changes accepted (Word document)

The .sam exported from the InDesign typeset

Hub-processed Word document (.docx converted from .sam)

Style sheet (Word document)

List of additional specifications (grammar, spelling, style, typography)

List of queries in the manuscript and responses to them

List of proofreader corrections, queries, and comments (Word document)

Proofreader’s Corrections and Comments

Check for omissions of necessary aspects.

Check for typos.

Check for misinformation about text formatting or graphics placement.

Check for suggested edits to quotations that should remain unchanged.

Check for the introduction of non-Unicode characters.

Front Matter

The TOC should include TK materials like the index.

TOC listings should match chapter titles and heads in the body for wording, italics or other character style variations, and capitalization.

Note: Publishing conventions can result in some valid mismatches, such as “List of Figures” in a TOC pairing with “Figures” as the chapter title in the book.

PDF Rendering

Examples: color vs. grayscale; PDF size; gutter width

Typography Checks

Check for stacks, widows, and orphans.

Check for bad line breaks.

Check for uneven white space.

Check for improperly centered or misaligned content.

Graphic Elements

Examples: tables, graphs, charts, photographs, illustrations

Examples: header, caption, credit


Standard Pagination Rules: Verso pages should use even numbers. Recto pages should use odd numbers. Roman numerals are used for front matter sections. Arabic numerals are used for body pages. Some publications may use different or additional numbering systems for specialized sections, most commonly in text books or books with image galleries.

Running Heads

Bibliography/References, Notes, and Glossaries

Examples: reference paragraphs and parenthetical citations


Examples: proper nouns and common terms in various forms

Spelling and Grammar

Check foreign language terms and specialized terminology.

If time allows, does running a grammar check reveal additional errors in text?

Queries and Instructions


Text Checks

Convert the file to .sam in the Digital Hub.