Spellcheck Settings

Spellchecking is a useful process in the writing, editing, and verification processes. The following are Scribe’s default Microsoft Word spellcheck settings.


  • Ignore words in UPPERCASE
  • Ignore words that contain numbers
  • Ignore Internet and file addresses
  • Enforce accented uppercase in French
  • Suggest from main dictionary only
  • Show readability statistics
  • Hide spelling errors in this document only
  • Hide grammar errors in this document only


  • Flag Repeated Words.
  • Check spelling as you type
  • Use contextual spelling
  • Mark grammar errors as you type
  • Check grammar with spelling

French and Spanish Modes

  • French modes: Traditional and new spellings
  • Spanish modes: Tuteo and Voseo verb forms

Custom Dictionaries

If applicable, use the Custom Dictionaries feature to upload a specialized dictionary to the file.