Sublime Text Documentation

General information about downloading and installing Sublime Text.

Sublime Text is a text editor, but the creator of Sublime best describes it as follows:

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance.

Download Sublime Text

Scribe‘s Sublime packages are compatible with both Sublime Text 3 and the more recent Sublime Text 4.

Sublime text is a cross-platform application. As such, you can download it on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Sublime Text 4

Sublime Text 3

When downloading Sublime Text 3 on Windows and Linux, you can select between a 32-bit and 64-bit version. The 64-bit version is recommended, as it supports larger files and handles memory more intelligently. If the 64-bit version refuses to start, you likely have older software/hardware and will need to use the 32-bit build.


I updated from Sublime Text 3 to Sublime Text 4 and I now see certain whitespace characters represented as code points. I would prefer to see these as literal characters.

If you are using Sublime Text, everything in its latest update continues to function as it has with Sublime Text 3. You may notice some minor cosmetic changes, but these do not affect any of Scribe’s features or the use of regular expressions.

One new setting in Sublime is to show white space as code points. For example, instead of seeing a nonbreaking space as a white space, you may see <0xa0> in your file. This is still treated as a single character and is merely a display preference.

If you'd prefer to turn this display feature off:

  1. Go to Preferences > Settings in the menu bar. Sublime will open the default settings in the left panel and the user settings in the right panel.
  2. Override the setting by modifying it in the user settings panel. Add the line: "draw_unicode_white_space": "none",

Installing Scribe Packages

After downloading and installing Sublime Text, install the Scribe packages to add additional functionality to the program.