SAI Queries

Insert Queries

Inserts Word comments for any of the options chosen from the drop-down menu.

Each comment’s initials/author name indicates to whom the comment is addressed.

Standard Word comments are not allowed in embedded notes; however, the SAI allows for queries to be created in the same manner. They will appear as regular text, formatted using Scribe’s query convention ({~?~[text]}).

  • AQ Author Query: Inserts an author query and allows navigation among author queries. Can also be used to edit and navigate author queries.
  • IQ Internal Query: Inserts an internal query and allows navigation among internal queries. Can also be used to edit and navigate internal queries.
  • TN Typesetter Note: Inserts a typesetter note and allows navigation among typesetter notes. Can also be used to edit and navigate typesetter notes.

Note: Queries should not be inserted next to or within structure indicators, as this can interfere with processing through the Hub. Queries relating to an entire structure are best placed on the first line of text within that structure.

Insert AutoText in queries: This feature is available for all query types (AQ, IQ, and TN). It makes any AutoText that has been saved in Word’s Normal template available to insert into queries. In the query window, place your cursor where you want the AutoText to be inserted, then tab over to the Insert AutoText Entry box and hit enter to select and insert the text. The AutoText will appear as part of the query. This can be useful when inserting standardized editorial or production notes.

The checkbox options next to the main Insert Query button allow you to select view options. For example, to view only the author queries, check the Show AQ box but uncheck the Show IQ and Show TN boxes. (You can also adjust the query/note view settings under Word’s Review tab, Show Markup drop-down menu, Reviewers.)

There is no need to remove Word comments before uploading files to Scribe’s Digital Hub. The Hub will convert the Word comments into text comments marked with query formatting ({~?~[text]}).

Create AutoText Entry: Saves the text in the query box as a new AutoText Entry. Entries are saved in Word’s Normal template. This tool can be used to create templates of queries for use throughout a project or in multiple projects.

Delete AutoText Entry: Deletes the selected AutoText entry from the Normal template. This action cannot be undone.

Insert Image

Inserts an image insertion note formatted for processing through Scribe’s Digital Hub. You will be prompted to enter the figure’s file name (provide the file name only, not the full path).

You can also input alternate text (also known as short descriptions), which is used to create accessible digital publications. Alternate text will roundtrip throughout the entire WFDW. For more information about alternate text, see our short description procedure documentation.

A bug in Microsoft Word for Mac since Word 2016 prevents copy and paste into pop-up boxes. To copy alternate text into an image callout, type a placeholder character or word into the alternate text field of this tool. Click OK. The SAI will insert the new image callout, including the placeholder text. Select this text and paste the alternate text to overwrite the placeholder.