Check the following to confirm the quality of a web PDF:

Image Size

Use Acrobat preflight to check that images are 150 ppi.


All TOC entries should be included as well as any major sections not listed in the TOC.

Include: Cover Page, Title Page, Copyright Page, back matter series pages, and any other back matter sections, like an About the Author page.

Scribe default is not to include the front matter series page, dedications, or epigraphs.

If possible, review bookmarks on both a Mac and a PC. Characters like nonbreaking spaces can render differently on different systems.

Check any bookmarks that contain hyphens, en dashes, or em dashes. There may be nonbreaking characters following them that will appear as double dashes when viewed on a PC.

Print PDF Comparisons

When adding the hyperlinks on the TOC page in InDesign, it creates a “Hyperlink” character style, for example, that may overwrite an existing style.

Blank pages at the end of the PDF should be removed.


Compare with the half title page, title page, and copyright page in particular.


URLs that had breaking characters inserted in InDesign may result in Acrobat linking to URL fragments. To prevent this, Scribe Tools for InDesign should be used to generate hyperlinks.

For web PDFs created from WFDW InDesign files: Traditional notes (in a back matter Notes section) will have reciprocal links; blind notes will be one-way links from the endnote to the body page.


Pagination should be Cov-1 for the cover; A, B, C, and so on for preliminary pages; roman and arabic numerals for the standard front matter and body pages.


All web PDFs should include the book title and author name at a minimum.

Alt Text

If required, check that each image includes the corresponding alt text.