Word Composition

Use the Word Composition procedure to check file integrity, apply styles, and review content.

File Integrity and Initial Vet

See Comp: Vet Content for Composition for more information.

  1. Scroll through the file.

  2. Use the tools in the SAI and Digital Hub to review the file.

  3. Take note of the styles to be applied and potential issues. Plan for how to apply the styles and address issues.

Prepare the File

See Comp: File Prep for more information.

  1. Load ScML styles.

  2. Review and resolve potential note issues.

  3. Run initial cleanups to apply ScML character styles.

Apply Styles

See Comp: Apply Styles for more information.

  1. Compose non-p paragraphs. Only compose the paragraph styles that the Refiner cannot apply automatically.

  2. Compose special character styles.

Pre-Hub Cleanups

See Comp: Cleanup for more information.

  1. Insert structure indicators.

  2. Check for incorrect spaces and tab usage.

  3. Review the results of the SAI’s Vet File feature.

Refine in the Hub and Further Review

See Comp: Refine and Check for more information.

  1. Upload to the Digital Hub. Review the stats and address any alerts and warnings as necessary.

  2. Convert to Refined MS Word document.

  3. Download and review the file alongside the source. Adjust as necessary.

  4. Upload the .docx file to the Hub again.

  5. Review the stats and address any alerts and warnings as necessary.

Composition Quality Review

See Comp: Quality Review for more information.

  1. Review the file using the Composition QC Checklist and other project specifications.

  2. Convert the .docx to .sam in the Digital Hub and run the text checks listed in the Regular Expressions Resource. Apply corrections or note them as required.

  3. Process the .sam file to ePub to review the .scml and .epub files. Errors may be discovered through Hub stats, conversion alerts, and reviews in Kindle Previewer and Ace by Daisy.

  4. Page through the file and upload it to the Hub to review the composition and confirm all issues have been addressed.