SAI Hyphenated Terms Check

Check and adjust the hyphenation of hyphenated terms.

Check Hyphenated Terms

Check the document for any hyphenated terms that also show up unhyphenated. Available in the Auto-Edit drop-down, this tool displays how many instances there are of each variation of a particular term and enables the user to adjust hyphenation either globally or for specific instances.

Check hyphenated terms in file: Click this to start the check. Note: this could take several minutes to complete, depending on how large the file is.

Terms: Displays all hyphenated terms that were found to have varying hyphenation. Click on a term to display its variations.

Variations: Displays the variations of the term selected in Terms, along with the number of instances of each variation. Select a variation and use the “Find next” and “Find previous” buttons to navigate to where it appears in the document.

Adjust Hyphenation: Choose whether to format a term selected in Variations with a hyphen, a space, or nothing where a hyphen would go. Use “Replace selected instance” to apply the format to a specific instance selected in the file. Use “Replace all instances” to apply the format globally.

Look up on Merriam-Webster: Searches the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for a term selected in either Terms or Variations. Use the drop-down menu to select either the Collegiate or Unabridged Dictionary.

Export list of terms: Exports a Word document with the Terms list.