Composing non-p Paragraphs Efficiently

Composing non-p paragraphs can be approached in a few ways. When determining the best approach to a given element, consider how frequently the element is expected to appear throughout the file. See the full Word Composition procedure.

While composing the document, you may find it best to switch between two different methods of working:

  • composing linearly
  • composing by structural element

It is often best to switch between these two methods of working as you encounter various elements. For example, if you are able to identify patterns for figure captions, blockquotes, and chapter titles, you may be able to compose a major portion of the non-p paragraphs faster than if you were to review every paragraph in the book. Switch between these methods as you find and identify patterns in the source manuscript.

  • Composing linearly. To proceed linearly, tagging non-p content as you go, open the style gallery/galleries to be used.
    • To automatically select, review, and compose each non-p group of paragraphs in the body text, set the following Autoselect checkboxes under Automatically Advance Cursor:
      • Autoselect Next Paragraph Formatting Group
      • Skip ScML Paragraph
      • Skip Likely <p> Paragraph
  • Composing by structural element. If a distinct element recurs throughout the document, use Word’s Find and Replace options to systematically tag several instances of the element at once. SAI options for finding and mapping styles and formatting to ScML include the following:
    • Find and Replace Helpers: Right-click on a paragraph and choose one of the following options to automatically populate the formatting of a Word Find and Replace search. Use formatting information loaded into the Find window as a starting point when creating your own searches tailored to the particular manuscript.
      • Find This Style Using Find & Replace: Search for the paragraph style used in the selected style.
      • Find This Formatting Using Find and Replace: Search for the paragraph formatting used in the selected style.
      • Replace with This Style Using Find & Replace: Load ScML styles into the Replace field of the Find and Replace window.
    • SAI Features
      • Run Associate Styles to map several source paragraph styles to ScML styles globally.
      • Run the Compose Paragraphs options in the Cleanup window to automatically compose select paragraph styles. With the exception of Whitespace to p, these should only be run after character composition is complete.
      • Save several Find and Replace searches using the SAI’s Find and Replace tool for future manuscripts with similar formatting.