Scribing: Cleanup

Scribing Procedure: Pre-Hub Cleanups

  1. Insert structure indicators.

  2. Check for incorrect spaces and tab usage.

  3. Review the results of Vet File.

Insert Structure Indicators

Insert structure indicators to identify sections that do not include part or chapter titles (such as front matter sections preceding the table of contents).

Insert structure indicators to group or separate complex structures as needed.

Structure indicators can be inserted using the SAI’s Structure Indicators and Chapter Structure buttons.

Structure indicators do not need to be inserted for elements that follow the default behaviors of paragraph groups.

For more information on Structure indicators, see Structure Indicators in Word.

Pre-Hub Checks and Cleanup

  1. Check multiple spaces and tabs for any intentional formatting and address as needed. Tabs used to format tabular data should be converted to tables.
  2. In the Cleanup menu, run Comp Group 2: Pre-Refiner.
  3. Review tabs in the document.
    1. The spacing after the number or bullet in list styles should be standardized as either a tab or a space.
    2. Tabs should not be used to create hanging indents or to indent the first lines of p paragraphs.

Character Cleanup

Run Vet File and review the results. Review the project specification, as the cleanup actions are not all recommended for every project. For example, in math and legal texts, it is often advisable to avoid dash cleanup. Additionally, some “errors” may need to be retained to match the source material or represent an intentional choice by the author.

Select from the following:

  • Periods to ellipses / Ellipses to spaced periods / Periods to spaced periods
  • Latin ligatures to character pairs
  • Single quotation marks
  • Double quotation marks
  • Dashes
  • Underlined to italic

Next Step: Refine in the Hub and Further Review