SAI Title Case

Title Case

Intelligent Title Case

The title case tool applies “intelligent” title case to the selected text. “Intelligent” title case means that the tool does more than simply capitalize the first letter of every word and instead modifies words based, as much as possible, on the rules of the style specified in your user preferences.

An editorial eye should still be applied to significant prepositions, Latin terms, initialisms, acronyms, and other exceptions to the general rules of capitalization. (This feature is also available from the Context Menu.) See User Settings to set style preferences.

To query the selected text instead of changing it directly, choose Check Title Case.

Converting All Caps to Title Case

The title case tool assumes that any text typed in all caps is an acronym.

The tool is designed to make incorrectly typed title case into correct title case. If an entire head is typed as all caps, there is no distinction to preserve, so the title case tool will leave this unchanged.

To convert all caps text to title case, a two-step process can be done.

  1. Select the text and use Shift + F3 to cycle the text to all lowercase.
  2. Use the Title Case tool to apply intelligent title case.

In all scenarios, heads and titles should be reviewed for the proper treatment of acronyms and other exceptions to the general rules of capitalization.

Check Title Case by Style

This tool checks all instances of selected ScML paragraph and character styles for title case conformance and adds comments to the document where potential issues are found. Use the “Quick Add Styles” convenience buttons to select all heads, TOC entries, and other paragraph types. Results can be reviewed as comments within the Word document or as a list in a new document.

Add Word to Capitalization Dictionary

Adds the selected word (as capitalized) to the capitalization dictionary of your choice.

Select a word with atypical title case capitalization. Right-click it to open the context menu. Click this option and choose the capitalization dictionary to which you want to add the word.

See Also

  • Editorial Preferences: The rules of the Title Case feature are affected by the style guide selected under the Editorial Preferences tab. Selecting a different style guide will change how certain words are capitalized. You can also load, unload, or modify custom capitalization dictionaries, which will be used to apply title case to specially capitalized words such as XML or ScML.
  • Find and Replace: Title Case can be used in the “Replace” field to apply intelligent title case to found instances of a search.