Manage URLs properly when producing an e-book.


URL Specification

Refer to the URL Specification page for general recommendations about the handling of URLs at all stages of a publication.

The URL Specification page offers guidance for how to handle URLs during the scribing and typesetting stages, and it provides recommended disclaimer text for URLs that may no longer be extant by the time of publication.


Occasionally websites are set up in such a way that only “https” will allow them to function, but that prefix is not present in the literal text of the URL. When no prefix is present, the Digital Hub will only add “http,” never “https.”

Review any URLs to ensure that the proper format is used.


If a DOI is meant to link in an e-book, its format will need to be adjusted, replacing “https://doi:” with “” to lead to the necessary web page.

QR Codes

Images of QR codes function as links to a particular destination. To add this function, the image should include the hyperlink in addition to alt text.

<fig><url href="https://website-name"><img src="filename.jpg" alt="QR code leading to the [name] website"/></url></fig>