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August 15, 2017 Digital Hub Update

By Scribe Inc.

Digital Hub Updates

The Sample Generator

Select a limited number of paragraph styles from your sam files in a project and create sample outputs. This can be used to help create print or electronic design samples or to isolate particular elements for testing or transmittal. For complete documentation of this new feature, click here. A suggested procedure can be accessed here.

New Project Creation Process

Creating a new project now takes place in the metadata tab of the project page. Users are

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Digital Hub Updates

ePub Rezipper

Our online tool will rezip an ePub that you created through the Digital Hub and modified locally.

Improved Accessibility and E-book Features

Short Descriptions for Images

The Hub now provides an interface to include short descriptions for images that will be applied as alt text in HTML/ePub outputs.

  • Alt text added in the Hub is limited to 150 characters and cannot contain HTML/XML control characters (<>, &, ”, ’).
  • This alt text will only be applied to

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