SAIL Styles Features

The following documentation refers to an old, unsupported version of the SAI Lite. Since version 2.0 of the SAI Lite (released July 2020), the SAI Lite has been developed alongside the SAI as a plug-in that offers a limited subset of the tools available within the SAI. Users with more recent versions of the SAI Lite should instead refer to SAI documentation for instructions on installation of the SAI Lite and usage of the enabled tools.

Handling of styles within the SAI Lite.

Map Styles

Two lists will appear: The left one comprises the styles found in the document; the right one is the ScML styles. To map a document style with an ScML style, select each style from its respective list and click Associate. When finished, click OK. The document styles will be recomposed as their associated ScML styles.

Styles in the document pane will be indicated as P (paragraph style) or C (character style). You will only be allowed to map a style to another style of the same type.

Style Galleries

Provides custom subsets of ScML styles for quick access. Styles commonly used to describe various publishing elements are grouped together, eliminating the need to scroll through all the available ScML styles in order to apply the desired style.

The dropdown lists available style galleries. Click on one to open a separate, movable dialog/command box populated with buttons to apply each style in the gallery. You can use multiple style galleries at once.

  • Character Styles: Commonly used character styles such as i (italic) and sup (superscript)
  • Chapter/Body: Styles used to describe hierarchical content, such as ct (chapter title) and ah (a-head) as well as styles used to describe the main text of a document
  • Front/Backmatter: Styles used to describe the various elements that appear before or after the body of the document, such as toc (table of contents listing) or ded (dedication)
  • Lists: Styles used to describe numbered and unnumbered lists of varying levels
  • Extracts: Styles used to describe other common content types, such as bq (block quotation) and figh (figure head)
  • Close All Style Galleries: Closes all open style galleries

Style Painter

Available for the Windows version of the SAI Lite only.

Grabs paragraph and character styles from selected text in order to more quickly and easily apply them elsewhere in a document.

Select some text with a particular style applied. If the text has a character style, the painter will grab that. If it does not have a character style, it will grab the paragraph style. Click the Style Painter button. You’ll see that it stays clicked. While it is in “clicked mode,” any text you select will have the style you just grabbed applied. Unclick the button to release the style.