SAIL Tools

The following documentation refers to an old, unsupported version of the SAI Lite. Since version 2.0 of the SAI Lite (released July 2020), the SAI Lite has been developed alongside the SAI as a plug-in that offers a limited subset of the tools available within the SAI. Users with more recent versions of the SAI Lite should instead refer to SAI documentation for instructions on installation of the SAI Lite and usage of the enabled tools.

Available tools within the SAI Lite.

Find and Replace

Runs multiple find and replace actions.

This has all the features of Word’s Find and Replace but provides easier access to certain search items and formats. It allows you to save find/replace searches and run multiple find/replace searches at once and on more than one document at a time. Replacements may be font and/or style changes, title case changes, as well as text and wildcard changes. You can also insert image callouts (IM).

If multiple replacements are selected to run, they will run sequentially. For example, you may choose to first replace the word “taste” with “test” and then (with the Whole Word option selected) apply the i (italic) ScML style to all instances of the word “test.”

This feature always works as a Replace All within whatever scope has been selected. You cannot replace one instance at a time.

The checkmarks next to each find/replace line allow you to choose which ones you want to run at a certain time. You can also run replacements on multiple documents (select under this tool’s File Selection tab).

  • Match Case: Select this option for the search to only find/replace instances that match the case of the entered text.
  • Whole Word: Select this option for the search to only find/replace instances that match the entered text as a whole word rather than as part of a word. So for example, check this box if you want all instances of the word “test” to have a style applied but do not wish to apply a style to words like “tested” or “testing” (i.e., test but not tested or testing).
  • Wildcard: Select this option to use Word Wildcard search text (similar to regular expressions).
  • Default Paragraph Font: Search for or change specified text to Default Paragraph Font (actually a character style). This formatting is often used to change bold or italic text to plain text. Click your cursor into either the Find or Replace text bar and then click this button to apply this formatting to the desired field.
  • Clear Formatting: Removes formatting details (style, font, or paragraph) from Find or Replace fields. These details appear under each text bar if they have been selected. Click your cursor into either the Find or Replace text bar and then click this button to remove the formatting of the desired field.
  • Image Insert: Use to insert Scribe-formatted, consistent image callouts using the figure file names. For example, if your figures are already called out as “Figure 1.4 goes here” or “Figure 10.6 goes here” and your project is named “scr-tester,” you can use the following search (Wildcard selected):
    • Find: Figure ([0-9]{1,2}).([0-9]) goes here
    • Replace: Click the Image Insert button. Formatting style: img will be applied and {~?~IM: insert [fig file name] here.} will appear in the text bar. Where [fig file name] is, type in scr-texter-fig0\10\2 for single-digit chapters or scr-texter-fig\10\2 for double-digit chapters.
    • Your output would look like this:
      {~?~IM: insert scr-tester-fig0104 here.}
      {~?~IM: insert scr-tester-fig1006 here.}
  • Special Characters: Provides Find/Replace search symbols to use. The dropdown list changes depending on whether or not Wildcard is selected.

Final QC

Checks file for common errors.

This feature will accept all changes, create a report of any non-ScML styles, compare the number of note references to notes (they should match), and list any image callouts. The Final QA report will indicate success or failure via a green checkmark or a red warning symbol. If the QA fails, check the report for items that require action (like mismatched endnotes or non-ScML styles). To view the full text of the Final QA output when the dialog box appears, select the text (Ctrl + A), copy it (Ctrl + C) from its window, and paste it in a Word or text document.

Send Feedback

Opens an Internet browser window with a form for sending feedback and receiving support; requires an active Internet connection. Use this form to report bugs or to make feature requests.

Fields marked with a red * are required. Some information will be filled in for you based on your SAI Lite registration information, but be sure to double-check each item for accuracy. Provide a title and description for the issue you are reporting. The Description of Issue text box is where you can paste the Error Log text you copied. You can also provide any other additional information about what you encountered, if you think it would be helpful, as well as screenshots. You can also specify whether the issue requires a response from Scribe. When your report is finished, click Submit.

View Readme

Opens the SAI Lite’s ReadMe file; helpful for some basic troubleshooting.